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2020/02/05 | 去年全球碳市場總價值增加34%





Refinitiv在21日晚些時候發布的報告中說:“歐盟排放交易體系(EU ETS)創紀錄的強有力的價格是其價值增加背後的主要原因,該體系佔全球交易量的近80%。









Global carbon markets grow 34% in 2019, led by Europe: Refinitiv


The total value of the global carbon markets grew by 34% in 2019 to Eur194 billion ($214.5 billion), according to a report by financial analysis company Refinitiv.

Carbon markets around the world grew for a third consecutive year in 2019, and the value has grown almost fivefold since 2017, the calculation shows.

"Record strong prices in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), which makes up almost 80% of the global traded volume, was the main reason behind the growth in value," Refinitiv said in the report released late Wednesday.

The average carbon price in the EU ETS rose to just under Eur25.00/mt in 2019, up Eur9.00/mt compared with 2018, it said.

The main driver for the price increase was the Market Stability Reserve which came into effect in January 2019, withholding a significant volume of allowances and tightening the supply side, it said.

"The Green Deal proposals of the new European Commission, and talk of reopening the 2030 emissions reduction target, also lent support. Higher carbon prices made gas power plants more competitive against coal in Europe, and helped reduce emissions," Refinitiv said.

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